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Terms & Conditions


  1. If you employ 5 Star Pet Service you will be deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions.  We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions and increase pricing by posting changes on our website so please check regularly for changes. 

  2. Information given in the registration form will be used for all subsequent bookings unless we are notified in writing of any changes relating to your pet or the service provided by us.

  3. All information provided to us will be confidential and not passed on to any other third party, unless with the clients permission.

  4. 5 Star Pet Service charges are shown on our website for all our standard services.  Bespoke services will be charged on an individual basis and all charges will be agreed with both parties before confirmation of your booking.

  5. For our home boarding and pet sitting service, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.  The remaining balance to be paid in full prior to commencement of the service.

  6. Bookings shall be deemed as confirmed once 5 Star Pet Service have received a deposit, where applicable.

  7. Home Boarding & Pet Sitting: In the event of a cancellation by the client at least 4 weeks (28 days) prior to commencement of service, all deposits paid will be non-refundable and the booking released and the contract terminated between the client and 5 Star Pet Service.  If however cancellation is received after this notice of 4 weeks (28 days) 50% of the remaining balance, having deducted the deposit already paid will be payable to 5 Star Pet Service.  If cancellation by the client is received within one week (7 days) of commencement of service, the client agrees to pay the agreed charges in full, even if the service is no longer required.

  8. If changes are made after the commencement of the service the client shall pay the agreed charges in full, plus any additional charges incurred.

  9. In exceptional circumstances, if 5 Star Pet Service are unable to fulfil their agreement prior to commencement of service, a full refund of any payments received from the client including deposit will be returned in full.

  10. In cases of emergency during the period of service resulting in us being unable to complete our agreement, we will endeavour to provide satisfactory alternative arrangements.  Any additional cost incurred will be settled by the client.

  11. The client will be liable if your pet injures a third party or property.

  12. Any keys when not in use will be kept in a locked key safe. Keys will not be marked with any client name, address or phone number.

  13. 5 Star Pet Service will not be liable for any vandalism, damage or break-in to your property during the period of service.

  14. All dogs will be walked on lead unless client permission is given and accepted by 5 Star Pet Services and then only if shown on the Dog Registration Form.

  15. Adequate food, medication, dog collar and lead must be left by the client for the period of service.  If 5 Star Pet Service are required to purchase additional items to continue the care of your pet in line with your agreement, the client will reimburse us for the cost.

  16. If there is an unforeseen delay in your return we will continue care for your pet until you notify us otherwise. Additional charges will be incurred and are payable in full on your return.

  17. You must contact us as soon as you are aware there is likely to be an extension to the original period agreed.

  18. Proof of vaccinations is required by 5 Star Pet Service valid 4 weeks prior to commencement of service, or to manufacturers recommendation, and for the duration of the service agreed.  In addition all dogs accepted for Home Boarding and Day Care must have a current Kennel Cough vaccine.

  19. You must ensure that your pet is free from fleas and adequately wormed.  If 5 Star Pet Service believes your pet is not in good health we reserve the right to seek veterinary advice on your behalf and you will be liable for the veterinary fees.

  20. You are responsible for any veterinary fees and related expenses that are reasonably incurred whilst your pet is in our care. 

  21. In the event of a problem or emergency arising, 5 Star Pet Service will make every attempt to contact you or your emergency contact using the information provided on your registration form.

  22. It is your responsibility to insure your property and pet.  5 Star Pet Service accepts no liability for damage caused by your pet during a period of service.  You will be liable in the event that injury is caused to an employee of 5 Star Pet Service or a third party.

  23. 5 Star Pet Service have insurance in relation to the services we provide.  This is not a substitute for your own insurance cover.

  24. 5 Star Pet Service accept no liability for any losses that may occur in the event that due to conditions beyond our control we are unavailable.

  25. It is recommended that you take out holiday cancellation insurance as 5 Star Pet Service may not be able to accommodate pets who become ill or are injured after the booking is confirmed.

  26. 5 Star Pet Service will endeavour to carry out instructions on the care of your pet as detailed on our Registration Form.  We will not be responsible if full instructions are not given in advance of commencement of service.

  27. Instructions for the care of the house should be included in the Registration Form when booking our Pet Sitting, House Visits or Dog Walking service.

  28. The client is responsible for paying for all services booked with 5 Star Pet Service prior to the commencement of the agreed start date.  Where services are required on a long-term basis clients are able to make payment on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis.

  29. Where services are provided on a long-term basis 5 Star Pet Service requires 2 weeks notice if you wish to cancel your agreement.

  30. Dog Walking, Dog Day Care, House Visits:  Where these services are provided on a short-term basis cancellations received by 5 Star Pet Service up to 24 hours prior to commencement of agreed start date and time will be accepted and no charges will be incurred.  Should 24 hours notice of cancellation not be received by 5 Star Pet Service, the full charges of the agreed service will be payable in full.

  31. 5 Star Pet Service cannot accept any liability for the loss or injury to any pet.

  32. We aim to arrive at your home at the agreed time of your walk/visit but due to the nature of the business we cannot always guarantee this.  Please allow a sixty minute window either side of your agreed time slot for us to complete your visit.

  33. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all collars are fitted correctly to prevent slipping and are in good condition to prevent breakage that could result in the dog becoming loose.

  34. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their dog wears a collar with the owner's identification attached at all times. To comply with local authority regulations this must include the owner's name, address and telephone number.

  35. Whilst in our care additional identification showing 5 Star Pet Service contact details will be worn by the dog where possible.

  36. Dogs boarded will have exclusive use of our home.  They will not share with any other household including our own.

  37. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all dogs are up to date with their current vaccinations.  Dogs that are not up to date will not be accepted.

  38. Payment for services can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

  39. Clients should notify their neighbours and their home insurance company if 5 Star Pet Service will be visiting the property in their absence.  Clients should also notify their vet that 5 Star Pet Service will be caring for their pet.

  40. Any owner wishing to accompany 5 Star Pet Service whilst an animal is being transported accepts that they do so at their own risk and that 5 Star Pet Service does not accept any liability for any accident, injury or delay incurred during transportation.


June 2014 Version 1


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